A Very Merry Christmas Village


Christmas: the most wonderful time of the year! During this cheerful season celebrating the birth of Christ, our Creative team loves making the moment memorable. Everything about Christmas 2018—from social media to services and mailers to the foyer install—reflected Isaiah 9:6:

“For to us a child is born, to us a son is given, and the government will be on his shoulders. And He will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace...”

Our goal is always to design memorable spaces for those who come to our Candlelight services. With a strong direction, willing staff team, and mighty volunteers, our foyers were transformed into a winter wonderland. One of our biggest successes was the Christmas villages. These were an interior environments element that represented a warm Christmas city building front with a mediterranean twist.

Dreaming and Designing
We started off  brainstorming many ideas and finally landed on a few install pieces: the village was supplemented with white shoe box trees, a fireplace scene, a centered Christmas tree, garland, and small features to finish off the room.

Once we landed on these elements, we moved on to the design phase by creating general rough sketches on paper to represent our ideas. Once we had a look and general idea to go along with our example photos, we brought in the experts to help guide us in finding what materials would be needed to accomplish such an undertaking.


The vision was to create a village that was simplistic yet have specific details. Starting out we knew we wanted to have translucent windows so we could backlight the buildings. We also knew we wanted a monochromatic look. This added a pleasing aesthetic aspect that created a clean and uniform look. The village was constructed out of several materials:

Main frame

  • 2” Pink Foam

  • Glue

We used Titebond Power Grab.

  • Primer
    We used: Kilz primer

  • Non-oil based paint

We used: Sherwin Williams pure white in eggshell

  • Balsa wood

  • Cinder blocks


  • Cotton

  • Green cypress tree

  • Straight pins

  • Icicle Christmas ornaments

  • Adhesive vinyl

  • Tape

  • Caulk

  • Hallway night lights

  • Paper for wreaths

  • Vellum or diffusion paper

  • Accent pieces

We used: large nutcrackers from previous Christmas installs


  • Hot glue and guns

  • Box cutters

  • Craft straight razor blades

  • Paint brushes

  • Paint rollers

  • Paint sprayers

Construction Process

Once we gathered our materials together, we started the building process offsite in a large shop with plenty of space to move. All together, one village took up a space of approximately 25’x6’x16’.

Step 1: Create a SketchUp virtual version so that we could properly size each building and easily add features.

Step 2: Build the individual buildings offsite

Step 3: Set up buildings in the village space

Step 4: Add small details

Step 5: Backlight buildings

For more details on our overall Christmas install: